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Boyfriend Sweater 12 oz Candle

Boyfriend Sweater 12 oz Candle

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I am a comforting, yet sensual mixture of black currants, dark musk, tonka bean, eucalyptus, amber, sweet anise, saffron, + blackberries. 

What are my best uses?

My delicate blend has a captivating scent that has others asking “what is that scent?” People can’t quite put their finger on me; I’ve always loved being mysterious. I have the sophistication of your partner’s fragrance that lingers on their clothes, but the comfort of being wrapped up in their sweater for the morning. I have quite a strong scent, so I recommend keeping me in larger rooms.

Our matte clay colored jars hold 12 oz of wax. 
Size: 3.75" W x 4.1" H

Burn time is approximately 64 hours.

Due to these items being handmade, there may be some imperfections including but not limited to: difference in color, slightly off-centered label, small markings outside of the vessel/bottle, etc. However, none of these things impact the quality or performance of the product.

We do not offer returns or exchanges on our products. If there is an issue with your order, or if you are unsatisfied with your product, please send us an email.

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